Neha Desai

Neha Desai is an internationally certified transformational coach, NLP practitioner, student empowerment coach,  a motivational speaker, an upcoming author and a founder of Lakshyank– Neha’s Coaching Institute.


Find the Genius in You

Make your child you have always wanted…!!

Find the Genius in You is a very powerful step by step programme to bring complete transformation in your child which will help him reshape his personality making him more responsible, study oriented and powerful. With every beat of support, your child’s progress will be sky-rocketed and your child will also be highly inspired for the final goal.

Enjoy Parenthood

Choose to be smart parent….!.

Enjoy parenthood is an ultimate programme designed especially for modern parents. Here, parents will learn how to nurture the child best way. This programme will help you learn how to manage your child’s wrong demand, anger, digital device addiction, bad habits and hyperactivity. And ultimately turn him/her to a responsible, caring and skilled child.

DMIT Report

Know your inborn talents…!

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test report is unique and scientific method to know the individual’s inborn talent skill ability strength and weaknesses for any age group. It is very useful to students for choosing right career and better study.