Neha Desai is an internationally certified transformational coach, NLP practitioner, a motivational speaker, an upcoming author and a founder of Lakshyank- Neha’s Coaching Institute.

She is the mother of a lovely daughter and, a wife to a caring husband. Her family is her strength and, she believes in nurturing each relationship beautifully, whether it is a family or a professional life.

After completing her masters from VNSGU, she started her journey at a very young age and became independent. With her committed and never give up attitude, she founded Lakshyank – Neha’s Coaching Institute in 2013 with zero investment and, made it a big success. She is connected with teenagers and parents for more than 15 years. She has mentored and coached around 10,000 teens and has helped them to achieve their desired goals.

This success is not the ultimate goal of her career. Her thirst for self-growth and earnest desire to make a difference by doing something for society always inspire her to empower and motivate younger generation and help them to grow with holistic approach.

She strongly believes that empowering younger generation is today’s need. As one empowered youth can design his perfect success road-map himself and can cross all limits of achievements.

 She wishes to bring awareness among parents to bring out the best in their kids and enjoy parenthood. And know the value of non-formal education in child’s life which is more important even than formal education. She believes that one can make a child’s life better and happier by adding values to his/her life and can lead them to excellence.

Because of her keen insightful understanding of human behavior, her loving and caring nature, her empathy for other people and simplicity, she has always won the hearts of her mentees and considered as their favorite mentor ever.


  • To empower teenagers to cultivate better understanding in them not by giving advice but by changing their thinking ability, and thereby cultivating learning attitude, which leads them to excellence.
  • To help parents to overcome their perplexing questions creatively, by explaining new ways of raising a child through their own experiences.


  • To reach maximum teenagers and enabling them to be responsible for their future. 
  • To impact millions of parents by helping them to know innovative ways of raising their child and enjoy Parenthood.