Enjoy Parenthood

Enjoy parenthood is an ultimate programme designed especially for modern parents. Here, parents will learn how to nurture the child best way. Most parents want to raise their kids to be optimistic, flexible, skilled and caring towards themselves and others. This programme will help you learn how to manage your child’s wrong demand, anger, digital device addiction, bad habits and hyperactivity. And ultimately turn him/her to a responsible, caring and skilled child.

Your Take Away.....

After attending this workshop you, your self will.....

  • Make your child more responsible disciplined and co-operative.
  • Be able to tackle your child’s anger and aggressiveness.
  • Develop teamwork, creativity and leadership quality in your child and make him/her super successful.
  • Be able to create your child’s interest in study.
  • Know your child’s inborn talent.
  • Nicely understand your child’s behaviour by knowing his/her psychology.
  • Be able to correct your mistakes in raising your child, if you are making any.
  • Learn how to keep your child away from digital device tactfully.
  • Overcome your child’s shyness and make him/her super confident and active.
  • Improve his/ her eating habits.
  • Keep your child away of bad habits like telling a lie disobedience and constant complaining.
  • Learn how to balance your professional as well as parental duty.
  • Definitely be role model for your child.
Enjoy Parenthood

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Enjoy Parenthood

Worth Rs – 1000
Course Duration- 1 day at venue