Find the Genius in You

First time ever life changing workshop for students .... !!

With every beat of support, you will ever require...!!

Whether you know your child’s potential or not ,whether your child is good at study or not, whether your child listens to you or not, whether your child is sincere at study or not, We have created a very powerful step by step system to bring complete transformation in your child which will help him reshape his personality making him more responsible, study oriented and powerful. Your child will also be highly inspired for the final goal. Our scientific study techniques will improve his memory and concentration by 10x which will help him to get excellent results in exam.

Make your child you have always wanted...!!

What your child will learn in this workshop?

  • Will know his/her personality and potential.
  • Will remove negativity through NLP techniques and get empowered.
  • Will get rid of exam fear as well as particular subject phobia.
  • Will learn how to set goal and achieve it.
  • Will develop speed reading and writing skill.
  • Will learn scientific Study techniques to improve memory.
  • Will improve concentration.
  • Will learn time management.
  • Will know formulas of self-study.
  • Will develop winner attitude and be more confident.
  • Will learn how to be healthy happy ever.
  • Will instil values in life.
  • Will make his/her own Success Blue Print himself.
Find the Genius

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Find the Genius in You

Worth Rs – 5000

Course Duration- 2 days at venue

Age Group – 08 to 18 yrs